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Customer Satisfaction Questionaires

Here we display the results of recent (2006) customer satisfaction questionaires, completed anonamously by 100 customers who kindly took the time to provide feedback on their experince of our 1 week bowls holidays, including their assessment and ratings for hotel, bowls clubs facilities, coach transfer and our management of their holidays.

The completed questionaires were returned to us by the group leaders and compiled by ourselves to create percentage satisfaction ratings for each category. All returned questionaires have been included in the results to ensure accuracy of the performance assessment.

We think the results speak for themselves.

Percentage Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good
Overall Holiday 0 0 10.81 89.19
Coach Transfers 0 0 13.51 86.49
Hotel Bedrooms 0 0 24.32 75.68
Hotel Facilities 1.35 6.76 28.38 63.51
Bowls Club Facilities 0 6.15 27.69 66.16
Complete Holiday Care 0 0 19.44 80.56

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Customer Satisfaction Questionaires

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